User Manual Refer to the Quick start section for information about first steps. The Appendix contains information about esoteric features.
Video tutorials The video tutorials show you how to use Wax.
Forum If you are having a problem using your Wax box, post your question in the forum.
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Real HD-audio interview (2016) "High-Resolution Metadata and Digital Interconnects: An Interview with Jeffrey Barish of 3beez" by Mark Waldrep (Real HD-audio, September 2016). Topics include: our new BitScrubber digital interface board; high-resolution metadata as a complement to high-resolution audio; and the argument for a self-contained music management system for collectors who want complete control over their music collection.
Fanfare interview (2015) "The 3beez Wax Box: New and Improved" (interview with Jeffrey Barish) by Andrew Quint (Fanfare Magazine, May/June 2015)
TAS article (2015) "Understanding Digital Music Systems" by Jeffrey Barish (The Absolute Sound, May/June 2015) and companion table of products
Presentation (2015) Presentation: "Digital Music Systems for Music Lovers" (a presentation to audio societies about principles of digital music systems and about Wax)
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