Reviews and awards

HiFi Review (July and August 2016)

Founded in 1986, HiFi Review is the premier audiophile magazine in Hong Kong. Writer Jonathan Yung’s expansive, two-part article, "Computer Audio Systems: A look from the perspective of a musicophile", describes his quest for the best music management system for his large collection of recordings. He describes the challenges with concrete examples and explains the shortcomings of products he tried along the way, including Digibit Aria, Weiss MAN301, Sooloos Music Server, Request The Beast, and Roon.

In the second half of the article. Dr. Yung describes how Wax was able to meet his challenges with ease. He praised the simplicity of Wax:

Wax bucks the decade-old trend of user compromise and asks what you want: what metadata is useful to you and your music, and how you want it presented. It does not force a set of criteria and ask you, the user, to accommodate. You can store whatever information you want for each recording, and, indeed, this extends to each CD, or each track, or each piece of a work (e.g., a symphony with 4 movements and hence 4 tracks or each CD collection, such as an 80 CD box collection) – anything you can think of – in a format optimized by genre.

He observes that Wax

revolutionizes classical music metadata input by focusing on works.

He describes how easy it was for him to customize entries for each recording so that he could record exactly the information in which he was interested:

There is practically no limit to the customizations the user can make to the metadata format, and most importantly, the way to make these customizations can be learned within an hour, even for the complete novice. You do not need any form of programming skills.

Despite its power, Dr. Yung found the GUI

deceptively simple, and if you did not pay attention, you could mistake it for an inferior product.

Anyone contemplating a quest of his or her own should take a look at this interesting article.

2016 Editor's Choice Award (Music Server category), The Absolute Sound

We were honored again by the editors of The Absolute Sound with a TAS Editor's Choice Award (TAS 261, March 2016). The editors commented on the ease with which music lovers can "just take [the Wax Box] out of the box and you're ready to load music and listen." They also praised the Wax software for freeing music lovers from the "artist, album, and song" straitjacket characteristic of competing products.

2015 Editor's Choice Award (Music Server category), The Absolute Sound

Founded in 1973, The Absolute Sound (TAS) is one of the oldest and most respected magazines for audiophiles. Each year, the editors at TAS select from the thousands of components and products they reviewed during the year those products they believe are "most worthy" of readers' consideration – the products they would buy themselves or recommend to family and friends. 3beez is honored to be recognized with a TAS Editor's Choice Award for our Wax Music Management System (TAS 251, March 2015). The editors commented that "the Wax software is a classical-music lover's delight" and they concluded that the Wax Box is "a compelling package.”

Al Stiefel Legacy Award (October 2014)

Founded in 2004, Rocky Mountain AudioFest (RMAF) is one of the oldest and best-attended high-end audio shows in North America. The event is held annually in Denver, CO. The Al Stiefel Legacy Award was established in 2009 to honor RMAF founder Al Stiefel, who died unexpectedly just before the 2009 festival. The Al Stiefel Legacy Award honors Al's desire to include an up-and-coming audio company with an innovative, great-sounding product at RMAF. 3beez was honored to accept the award from RMAF organizer Marjorie Baumert in 2014.

The Absolute Sound (December 2013)

The Absolute Sound is the premier magazine for audiophiles. Readers are serious listeners who, in general, are willing to spend more on audio components than most consumers are willing to spend. Audiophiles typically have acute hearing and demanding sensibilities. For audiophiles primarily concerned with the user interface, the review affirms its value:

The heart and soul of the Wax Music Management System is the Wax software. How smoothly it works with all kinds of music is what makes Wax Box worth the $5000 asking price (which is actually right in the middle of the pack for this kind of product).

For audiophiles primarily concerned about the challenge of assimilating computer technology, the review affirms its ease-of-use:

A new user can start processing a large music collection effectively on day one: The Wax software is highly sophisticated yet unquestionably the easiest to learn in my experience.

There are layers and layers of functionality that are kept, unthreateningly, just out of view until you are ready to use them.

For audiophiles concerned about sound quality, the review affirms the sonic quality of the configuration intended for critical listeners (connecting an external DAC) when it describes the

stellar sonic result achieved by connecting the 3beez product with the [external DAC].

For audiophiles concerned about the compatibility of the Wax Box with existing components, the review notes its ability to

export files to a portable player, and accomplish the bulk import of music already resident on your computer with gratifying efficacy.

The five-page review – an unusually long review for this publication – contains many other perceptive comments. Follow the link to read it in its entirety.

Fanfare Magazine (September 2013)

Fanfare Magazine is the premier magazine for classical music lovers. The print version typically presents over 600 pages of reviews and commentary every two months. Readers are serious music collectors with large collections. The review extols the ability of Wax to catalog such collections with an interface that is "a marvel of simplicity and welcoming functionality".