Track groups allow you to fold tracks into a group for better readability, clarity, and convenience.


In the first example, the tracks are all from Act I of the opera. Other programs force you to label each track in the style "Act I: Duetto 'Cinque... dieci... venti... trenta...'" which wastes space by displaying "Act I" eight times while pushing unique text off screen. Moreover, track groups make it easier for you to select what you want to hear. If you want to listen only to Act I, just select the corresponding track group. If you want to listen to tracks within Act I, click on the arrow to open the track group and select the tracks you want to hear.


The second example is from a pop recording in which half the tracks were recorded in a studio and the other half live. Track groups make it convenient to distinguish the two venues.


The third example is from a symphonic work. The CD from which this recording was ripped separated major sections of each part of the work. Although the tracks play without a gap, you might want to know the identity of the sections as well as the part.