A Wax Box is absolutely silent when it is playing music


Audio components should make music, not noise, yet many digital music systems use fans for cooling. The Wax Box achieves absolute silence through five means:

  1. Cooling is accomplished using heat pipes that transport heat to the side panels, where the heat is carried away silently by convection. There are no fans.
  2. The Wax Box has sound absorbing material that neutralizes most of the noise produced by the hard-disk drives (HDDs) used to store the sound archive. You cannot hear the residual noise unless you are in a quiet room and you are very close to the Wax Box.
  3. The HDD for backups is idle except when the Wax Box performs a backup in the middle of the night.
  4. All software runs from a solid-state drive (SSD), so no spinning drives are required for the system to operate.
  5. Wax plays sound files from a cache in the SSD. The HDDs are active only when Wax needs to update the cache, which takes 2.5 seconds typically. Keeping the HDDs off most of the time not only silences the system, it extends the life of the HDDs.