In Wax, Genres are an organizing principle, not an afterthought.

Genres/subgenres serve two purposes in Wax. One is to structure a collection to make it easy to find recordings simply by surveying it. Finding recordings this way has three advantages:

  • Surveying is usually quicker than searching. Simply select the genre/subgenre, scroll through the list of recordings, and select the one you want.
  • Searching requires that you remember details about the recording and that you type those details into the search fields.
  • Surveying presents alternatives (multiple recordings of the same work) that may prove preferable. It helps you reconnect with recordings that you may have forgotten.

You can create whatever genres and subgenres you want. The figure illustrates the structure of a hypothetical collection:


Many music lovers have multiple versions of a given work as in this example, which presents six versions of West Side Story:


With Wax, you can easily survey the list to see what versions are available and to select the one you want.

You can also survey by cover art if you are looking for a recording with a distinctive cover:


For another important purpose of genres, see Flexible metadata