With Wax, you can organize your recordings in the way that is best for each genre.

No longer do you have to figure out how to cram the metadata into the album title/artist/track title straitjacket.


For shows, you might want to organize your recordings by the title of the show, the composer, and the lyricist.


For comedy, you can organize your recordings by the name of the comedian and the title of the album.


For orchestral music, you can organize recordings by the composer, the name of the work, and the conductor.

Wax allows you to decide the best way to organize your collection. You decide what genres to use, how many metadata fields to provide, and what to call each field.

Genres help you locate music not only by describing recordings with the most appropriate metadata, but also by winnowing the list of recordings. When you select a genre, Wax presents only the recordings in that genre.