Introduction to the product comparison

The section provides information to help potential customers compare our system with competing products. In providing objective information about competing products, we may lead some readers to our competition. So be it. We feel confident that many readers will find that the Wax music management system offers a compelling set of features at a reasonable price, but no product can satisfy everyone. To those of you who go elsewhere, we wish you godspeed. To the rest, we look forward to serving you.

This product comparison is based on the category of products that we call "music management systems" (see the discussion of our terminology in the "What is Wax?" section). Thus, the comparison table excludes systems meant primarily for streaming from the Internet. Some manufacturers make more than one such product. In those cases, we generally chose one product that we consider representative and competitive. Likewise, comparing too many features would have made the table so complicated that it would have been difficult to use. Thus, we limited the feature set to ones we think are most useful for differentiating. If you feel strongly that we omitted a feature, a product, or a manufacturer that belongs here, convince us that you are right and we will consider appropriate changes.

Despite these restrictions, the table contains so many facts that it can be hard to digest. The Categories page discusses five categories of differences that you might want to consider. It is often difficult to separate fact from fiction in marketing material, so we offer Our comments about the claims (not the products) made by some of our competitors. Our design philosophy lays out the thinking behind the design of the Wax system, and Easy is hard explains why few manufacturers adhere to our philosophy even though it produces products that are better for most music lovers. Readers who are still undecided about a possible purchase after examining all this material should consider The 3beez challenge. The final page explains why our BitScrubber board should be part of your system if you are interested in the best possible Sound quality .