Why do we call our company "3beez"?

The "Three Bs" have been Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms since the conductor Hans von B├╝low declared them the "holy trinity" of classical music in the late 1800s. However, the phrase was actually coined by the obscure German composer Peter Cornelius in 1854 to refer to Bach, Beethoven, and Berlioz.

The phrase appears in a song from the 1936 musical On Your Toes by Rodgers and Hart, where the characters sing that compositions by the Three Bs "throw us right into the arms of Morpheus" (the music puts them to sleep). As lovers of both Rodgers and Hart and the Three Bs, we hope that Hart was just having some fun with that lyric.

bach.jpg beethoven.jpg brahms.jpg

So, why choose it as the name for the company? Well, "three Bs" is a sort of classification of music, which is what the Wax software does so well. Not only that, but "3beez.com" was available as a domain.