Some images of the manufacturing process


We burn in all Wax Box systems to assure that each build is functional and stable. Here you can see four Wax Box 4 SE systems, each with its own linear power supply. They are all connected to the LAN so that we can control the system and monitor how it is performing. To burn in a system, we have it perform challenging tasks, including copying an entire sound archive from disk to disk repeatedly.


Our custom BitScrubber board delivers audiophile sound quality through careful circuit design and PCB layout – done entirely in-house – and through the use of optimal components – pulse transformers from Scientific Conversion, line driver/receiver chips from Intersil, and connectors from Cardas and TE Connectivity. A Colorado contract manufacturer fabricates and assembles the printed circuit board using state-of-the-art component placement systems (pick-and-place machines) and solder reflow ovens. Another Colorado company makes the brackets using state-of-the-art laser cutting and sheet metal bending equipment. We assemble the brackets to the PCB and perform final testing ourselves.


All Wax Box systems undergo rigorous testing – both objective and subjective – before they leave our facility. Every Wax Box that we ship embodies many years of hardware and software development, the best components that we can find, and meticulous manufacturing practices.