Dr. Jeffrey Barish is founder and president of 3beez. Prior to 3beez, he was founder and president of EuPhonics, a software firm specializing in audio and music synthesis products for the computer and professional audio industries. At EuPhonics, he created many signal processing and system architecture innovations, including a fundamentally new music synthesis technique based on spectral modeling which produces very realistic instrument sounds. During this period, he was also a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. When 3Com acquired EuPhonics, Dr. Barish became Director of audio technologies for 3Com. Prior to establishing EuPhonics, Dr. Barish was founder and vice president of engineering for Sonic Solutions, which introduced his NoNoise system for eliminating noise from audio recordings. Earlier in his career he was hardware manager at Lucasfilm/The Droid Works of the team developing SoundDroid, a programmable system for processing digital audio. Dr. Barish has a PhD and MS in electrical engineering from Stanford University, and a SB from MIT. His doctoral dissertation on concert hall design established design principles that have been applied in concert halls around the world, including Symphony Hall Birmingham and Harris Concert Hall Aspen. Dr. Barish was awarded a Fellowship by the Audio Engineering Society for this work.