Wax Box 4 Special Edition

3beez is pleased to announce a special edition of Wax Box 4 for the most discriminating listeners. The special edition incorporates the 3beez BitScrubber™ digital interface board. The BitScrubber board provides coax output for either AES-3id (BNC) or S/PDIF (RCA). The computer circuitry and the BitScrubber board are powered by separate outputs of an external linear power supply. Read more about the BitScrubber board – including the rationale for its design, a technical description of its features, and objective measurements – here. Click here for purchasing information.

Wax Box 4 is out!

To all the people who have been asking when the new system would be available, we are pleased to say that it is finally here. The first build was a custom system with a mind-boggling 12 TB of internal storage (6 TB for sound and another 6 TB for backup). The standard model has 2 x 2 TB. The new case is taller and slightly narrower. The extra room inside makes it possible for us to meet the needs of the most demanding audiophiles. Inside you will also find a better DAC (110 dB SNR, 192 kHz sample rate), better isolation of the analog circuitry, and better USB ports, all for better sound quality. Wax Box 4 is the best Wax Box ever. For more information, click here.

3beez wins 2016 Editors’ Choice Award from The Absolute Sound

We are honored to be recognized again by the editors of The Absolute Sound with their coveted Editors’ Choice Award for our Wax Box 3 Music Management System (TAS261, March 2016).

We were also honored to have won the 2014 Al Stiefel Award at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest for up-and-coming companies with an innovative product.

We are grateful not only for recognition by the industry's top experts, but also for the accolades from our customers. Thanks to all of you too!

Are you a music lover?

  • Would you like more information about the recording you are playing?
  • Would it be more natural for you to deal with complete works or albums rather than individual tracks?

Do you have a large music collection?

  • Do you have trouble distinguishing multiple versions of recordings like the Mozart Requiem, Time Out, Layla, or Sweeney Todd?
  • Are you forced to search for recordings because your music manager did not file them sensibly?

Are you frustrated with your media player application?

  • Do you employ cumbersome "workarounds" to force recordings of classical music, jazz, shows, or other genres into an organizational scheme designed for pop music?
  • Does the software do a better job of finding music to purchase than it does of finding music you already own?

Do you want to spend more time listening to music and less talking to technical support?

  • Do you have trouble getting multiple components working together using UPnP?
  • Do you have to use your desktop computer to perform operations such as ripping CDs, editing metadata, or performing backups?
  • Do you need a degree in programming to use the software?

Wax is the music management system for you!


"Wax is far more flexible than iTunes. Users can add metadata of any kind to best organize their collections according to the type of music. Its many customization features make it great for users with large music libraries, and especially for classical music fans."

Kirk McElhearn is senior contributor at MacWorld where he writes The iTunes Guy. He is the author of Take Control of iTunes 11: The FAQ. He writes about music and technology at his website, Kirkville, and reviews classical CDs for Music Web.

"The Wax software is highly sophisticated yet unquestionably the easiest to learn in my experience."

Andrew Quint, Senior Writer, The Absolute Sound

Recent updates

  • It is now possible to store multiple documents (liner notes, etc.) and multiple images (front cover, back cover, etc.) for individual recordings.
  • Worried about obsolescence? It is now possible to export all metadata to an Excel spreadsheet. Read how in the user manual. You can import metadata from the spreadsheet to JRiver Media Center, and possibly to other media software as well. Also, serious collectors might like to view their entire catalog in one document.
  • A new discussion about how digital sound sources can impact sound quality even when using an external DAC
  • A screencast from RMAF 2015 shows how even a complicated rip still takes only 3.5 minutes and 7 key strokes
  • Interview with Jeffrey Barish from Fanfare Magazine, May/June 2015, titled "The 3beez Wax Box: New and Improved" by Andrew Quint
  • Wax Box 3 and Wax Box 4 act as an AP for remote control using your tablet
  • Article by Jeffrey Barish from The Absolute Sound, May/June 2015, titled "Understanding Digital Music Systems" with general information about digital music systems and a companion table of products
  • Support in Wax for multichannel FLAC
  • Support in Wax for DSD
  • Support in Wax for streaming services
  • Slides from a presentation to the Pacific Northwest Audio Society titled Digital Music Systems for Music Lovers