3beez wins 2015 Editors' Choice Award from The Absolute Sound

The March issue of The Absolute Sound contains the "top recommendations of the very best [products]" in every audio product category. The editors of TAS honored us with their selection of the 3beez Wax Music Management System in the Music Servers category. In announcing this award, the editors commented that

the Wax software is a classical-music lover's delight
and they concluded that the Wax Box is a compelling package. Thanks to the editors of The Absolute Sound for this honor and for their kind words about our product.

We are proud to have won the 2014 Al Stiefel Award at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest for up-and-coming companies with an innovative product and now this TAS Editors' Choice Award, but it is the accolades from our customers that provide the most gratifying recompense for all the hard work. Thanks to all of you too!

Are you a music lover?

  • Would you like more information about the recording you are playing?
  • Would it be more natural for you to deal with complete works or albums rather than individual tracks?

Do you have a large music collection?

  • Do you have trouble distinguishing multiple versions of recordings like the Mozart Requiem, Time Out, Layla, or Sweeney Todd?
  • Are you forced to search for recordings because your music manager did not file them sensibly?

Are you frustrated with your media player application?

  • Do you employ cumbersome "workarounds" to force recordings of classical music, jazz, shows, or other genres into an organizational scheme designed for pop music?
  • Does the software do a better job of finding music to purchase than it does of finding music you already own?

Wax is the music management system for you!


"Wax is far more flexible than iTunes. Users can add metadata of any kind to best organize their collections according to the type of music. Its many customization features make it great for users with large music libraries, and especially for classical music fans."

Kirk McElhearn is senior contributor at MacWorld where he writes The iTunes Guy. He is the author of Take Control of iTunes 11: The FAQ. He writes about music and technology at his website, Kirkville, and reviews classical CDs for Music Web.

"The Wax software is highly sophisticated yet unquestionably the easiest to learn in my experience."

Andrew Quint, Senior Writer, The Absolute Sound